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Falconry experiences Hawk walks in Cornwall

Why not stand out from all the rest on your special day and have something completely different to a lot of other weddings. We do an array of different wedding experiences from our owl swooping down and delivering the rings to you, to a selection of birds of prey for you and your guests to experience. Whatever you decide we will work with you to make your day an extra special one with all the care and commitment to make it a memorable one.

Whether you're looking for something different to excite and educate your classroom/school then we can help you put some smiles on their faces.

We enjoy showing and teaching the kids more about some birds of prey they would normally never see let alone get so close to. From having hands on experience for the older children and up close and personal experience for the younger ones we're sure they will not stop talking about it for some time.

We offer a range of experiences ranging from 1 hour handling to half day hands on.

1 HOUR EXPERIENCE: Will consist basic handling , flying and talk with a bird . Must be 13 years plus . Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult and sensible clothing is recommended …….£30. Each spectator £5 each .

2 HOUR EXPERIENCE: As above but with an extra hour you get longer to take it all in and enjoy more. Must be 13 years plus . Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult and sensible clothing is recommended……..£45. Each spectator £5 each……

HALF DAY (3 hours ): During your time you will be shown basic handling and how to pick up and hold a bird of prey. Once we feel you have grasped the basics it's onto getting the bird to fly to your fist and get you to cast the bird . Must be 13 years plus. Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult and sensible clothing is recommended……..£85. Each spectator £5 each.

CHILDREN’S 30 MINUTE OWL EXPERIENCE: This will consist of your child / children having a hands on close up experience with some of our owls…..£25. Must be accompanied by an adult , up to 2 adults per child booking and £5 per spectator.

WEDDINGS: These range from your very own owl flying down during the ceremony with your rings attached in a special pouch onto the waiting arm of either the bride & groom or handler. Or have your guests entertained by having a hawk or owl either welcoming them to the ceremony and / or the venue . Prices start from just £90 so please ring or e-mail your requirements and venue details (please first check with the venue owners that this is allowed on their premises).

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